Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

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Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

Many people think that a leader and a manager is the same kind of person, but today we are going to clear the difference between the two. Let start with, there are lot of articles published on it but these two roles are totally different from each other and require a lot of attention, sometimes the personnel also go for do my essay to ease his work.

Who is a Leader?

A leader is a person who helps peoples to achieve a particular goal. A leader is a person who provides vision to its follower. He is a person who not appointed, as he impresses people with his work and people than follow him.

Who is a Manager?

A manager is a person who manages the people to complete a designated task. People are appointed to him. The manager knows how to complete a task given to him.

How They Plan

A leader just decides the result he/she what to attain and start working on it. A leader doesn’t determine what he is going to do it.

A manager gets objective, has to fulfil the desired result and has to make a plan. A manager makes a plan and works through it.


Leaders use the skill of foresightedness to complete their work. They see what will happen in future and how to avoid it.

Managers use their mind to do his work. He/she make the future possible, and they do action to attain results. 

People Under Them

People who follow a leader have a choice whether to follow him, but the people following a manager are an employee. The employees have to do what their manager make him do to complete the work. Employees are hired and can be dismissed if they don’t listen.

Decision Style

A leader listens to his followers and then decide from their point of view what is best.

A manager makes his own decision, and he orders his employee to work on his decision.


The leader often focuses on the people. Leader care for his people. The manager focuses more on the process and progress of the work. The manager cares for the result.

Reaction To Change

Leaders are the peoples who create changes. They do what his people want and what good for them.

Managers react to the changes and work his way to get the desired results. They complete the work even changes occur.


The leaders are people who gather people under and direct all of them on the same cause. On the other hand, the manager organises the people, and then people have to see which direction they can work.


In an office, the boss listens to his advisors about a topic and decide what should be done. The boss gives this work to his manager. The worker has to complete the job. In this example, the boss is the leader as he listens to his advisors and does what is best, and the worker is a manager as he has to manage, plan and organises to get the desired result.

These are some difference between a leader and a manager. If you want to improve and be happy, you will have to acquire both the skills. Both the skills of manager and leader are necessary in the real world. Complete the work as a way possible and care for other too.

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