Education Should Be Free For Everyone.

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Education Should Be Free For Everyone.

We often heard from our elders, “to get ahead in life, you will have to study.” This saying is getting proved in the present as to a job you need to be qualified enough. To be qualified, you have to have an education but the recent years’ education has become so expensive that now only a few can attain. Today we are here to talk about why education should be free for everyone.

Having an education is a human right for everyone. Many children can’t get an education due to their expense. If education gets free for all, we all have significant advantages

Money For Others

Nowadays almost of the earning is spent on the education of kids or our self. If education gets free, we will be attained education without cutting costs on other things like foods, clothes and other necessities. Many rural families spend all their savings to get their children’s educated so their children can have a better lifestyle.

Educated Minds

Many of the population is not taught and don’t know the proper way of living. If the government gives free education to people, everyone will be educated and protect this earth. Knowledge makes a human more intelligent and helps him know what good and what bad. We get knowledge from education. All this will be possible with free education.

Child Labor

Many of the children, especially in Asia, have to do work and can’t have an education. This all because they need money to keep their family feed. When education gets free, they won’t need to pay to have knowledge. Child labor is lawfully banned, but they still have to do it as their necessaries to live alive.

Quality Education

Nowadays, education is available, but the quality of education is terrible. The institutes which provide quality education demand very high prices. Once education gets free, the people will get quality education without paying a cent. The quality of education will be the same around the world.

New Invention

When education gets free, a lot of people who didn’t have education will learn new knowledge. Who knows what we could we see a new device that can help us and without impacting the environment.

Less Over-Population

Currently, most of the uneducated people don’t know a sense of family planning. They have the idea that the more the children will help them earn more. They don’t see that while It will increase income but they have to feed more people think. If education gets free, they will know a decent idea of family planning, and they will eventually control the population.

Political Instability

Most of the people in the developing country are uneducated and don’t what good for them. Due to this vote or elect political people who reduce the state of country to the dust. Once they get the proper education, they will be able to decide what is better for them.


Due to less education, many people don’t know what their fundamental rights are. With education, everyone will know their fundamental rights and will remember to use them.

A Higher Level Of Happiness And Health

Research shows that having proper education increase the mental state to mind to the optimal level. This is all because while studying, our sad decreases and all our depression just goes away as we start to hope for a better future for ourselves.

Less Crime

Most of the evil done today is done by peoples who are uneducated and don’t how to earn in the proper way. If education is made free for everyone, the crime rate will exponentially decrease.

Fewer Frauds

Almost around 50 million are just lost of different scams and frauds. If education gets free and to decent quality, people will be able to read and save themselves from various scams and frauds.

Better Economy

The economy of a different country is low because of the uneducated people. If a state makes education free, then all the people will help promote the level of economy of the specific country.

More Educated Citizen

If education gets free for all the people, they will be a more educated citizens. Having an educated citizen will help the environment as well as the country.

Lessor No College Loans

Right 70% of teenagers of the US are currently in different college loans. If education becomes, free students won’t need to take college and will easily attain knowledge.

More Business

Setting up a business requires a large amount of money. If education gets free, all money spent on the education of children will be saved, and he can use all that saved money to set up his own business.    

Stop Of Education Mafia

Many Asian states have made a quality education a way to earn. Learning shouldn’t cost to acquire it should be free. The education group as made this their income and has become an education mafia. When education gets free, then everybody will be able to get education, and no one will be afraid of the education mafia.


Current, the world is plenty full of people who are corrupt and not fair. These people are like because other people aren’t educated enough. If the education gets free, then the people would be more fairness and corruption will be at the minimum level.

People Can Use Technology

Many uneducated people don’t know how to use simple things as a computer. They find it hard to use the new technology-related item as they don’t understand it. When people get the education they will be able to use a new invention with minimum learning.

The government should provide free education to support needy families, and meanwhile, they should allow private firms to run educational institutions. The wealthy families who desire high quality education can send their children to private firms. The government firms when competing with private firms would result in delivering high quality in providing their service.

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