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Law Enforcement In A Country

Any organization which is involved in enforcing the law in a country or a part of that country is called law enforcement agency or LEA. This enforcement of law includes the discovery, prevention and eradication of crimes. Law enforcement agencies are also responsible for deterring, rehabilitating and punishing the people who violate the rules and norms that are governing the order in a society.

Types of LEAs:

                Generally, there are multiple law enforcement agencies working in a country simultaneously. These agencies have different nature of work and separate jurisdictions. Some of them are responsible for the prevention of domestic violence, some fight against drugs and some are working in the field of cybercrime, only to mention a few. Police department is responsible for public safety and other crimes of domestic nature. Anti-drug agencies like DEA in America, prevent the crimes related to drug and its trafficking. National Crime Agency NCA (UK) and others of its sort are responsible for the prevention of cybercrime etc.

 These law enforcement agencies tend to process in different jurisdictions. For example, different states/counties may have different police systems. But sometimes these jurisdictions overlap with each other. For instance, a separate intelligence agency might be working independently within a state but a federal agency may get involved in those cases as well in certain circumstances. These agencies hence, work separately as well as with mutual collaboration and assistance. Sometimes, an independent organization may have its own separate law enforcement agencies like military police or military courts.

                Courts can be considered as law enforcement agencies as well. But usually the term is used only for the organizations who are directly responsible for the prevention of crime. For everyone we provide the best academic help online and much information related this topic.


                The first modern law enforcement agency was established in 1829, called London Metropolitan Police. Later, in the late 19th century, police department was formed in USA and other countries. Initially the role of these bodies was to safeguard the property and keep the order in urban societies. The role of police was minimal at that time. It included the protection of wealth, protection of reigning political power and protection of country from the ever increasing immigrants.

Importance of Law Enforcement Agencies:

                Law enforcement agencies are the backbone for the stability of a country. Bad actors are working everywhere and these agencies are the only factor that make these bad actors less efficient and protect the public. The importance of these agencies can perhaps be understood by these key points:

Law and Order:

                                If we ask, what the thing is that keeps a society intact, the answer can be “law and order”. Laws provide the guidelines for the people of a certain society regarding their behavior and lifestyle in a society. Without it, society can be torn apart and lost into chaos. It is an agent that works as a catalyst to transform the society in its norms and conventions. It ensures the equity for the different classes of the society, for example a law regarding equal educational and health rights etc. the law enforcement agencies make sure that these laws are properly enforced and acted upon accordingly by the people. Without these agencies, law can just be an abstract thing with no real value.

Drug Trafficking:

                Today, drug trafficking is one of the most profit generating criminal business. We know how drugs can destroy a society. It’s a disease in which rehabilitation becomes almost impossible. These drug traffickers and sellers believe in no ethics other than money. Law enforcement agencies are the only way this dirty business can be stopped. DEA in America has been working tirelessly against this trafficking and concerning agencies in UK have also been operating to stop the trafficking and rehabilitate the addicts.

Taxation Law Violation:

                Every government is run by the taxes paid by its citizens. Governments generate their revenue by these taxes and spend money on the welfare of its citizens. A number of organizations or individuals are reluctant to pay their taxes and hence adversely affect the economy. These people jeopardize the growth of a nation. Law enforcement agencies identify and punish these people and make the growth of a country smoother. Money laundering and other fraudulent activities are responsible for hindering the progress. These activities can only be stopped by strengthening and constantly supporting the police and other concerned authorities.


                A peaceful region is always open to welfare and growth. Without peace, no country can make progress in the world. While terrorism has emerged as a profitable industry for various organization. Others may have some ideological motives to get involved in terrorist activities. Law enforcement makes a society peaceful by discovering these terrorist elements and eradicating the reasons which lead to this dangerous activity. With the increasing wave of terrorism in the later couple of decades, the role of these agencies has become pivotal in maintaining the peace within a society.

 Secret Agencies:

                Secret agencies protect a country from any kind of internal or foreign threats. These agencies have a vast network of spies and detectives. These spies or detectives gather information secretly and later it is analyzed and processed to observe any threat that a country might be going to face. These intelligence agencies work in collaboration with other agencies and provide information to the police, anti-drug agencies or other security forces.

Business and Law Enforcement:

                Law enforcement is also pivotal for business in a country. These agencies provide business organization with comfortable environment and protect them against criminal or fraudulent people. Maintaining of peace by these organizations also makes business safe.

                Hence, law enforcement is a factor that makes or breaks a society. Without it, the chaos and disorder within a society can lead to ultimate destruction.

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