Major Reason Of Poverty And Illiteracy

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Major Reason Of Poverty And Illiteracy

 Poverty and Illiteracy are two huge problems. Both vastly different but are very much interlinked. One might think that poverty is the cause of illiteracy, but some people will believe that illiteracy is the cause of poverty. Everybody is right according to their point of view. Reasons are too many but let’s focus on the main ones.


Both the problems are vastly affected by the number of peoples living in an area. If the population is higher, then people will be more impoverished as there will be fewer jobs and more people. Literacy rate would also drop as the infrastructure wouldn’t be developed, and less number of children will get education. Many years will be needed to create adequate infrastructure and then to coupé with the level of the world.


Many countries, mostly in Asia, people are so corrupted that they are the main reason for all the poverty and illiteracy. Many corrupt personals sale special allocated seat of different jobs to people they like. This causes for people that won’t have the best job they work the hardest to earn a quality education. Furthermore, corruption in the education department will lead children having a low quality of education or even no education at all. Many Corrupt personal take all educational funds given to them for development, and they use these funds for themselves. Only private education institutes are then left which are quite expensive. So poor people tend to leave their studies. If the country is corrupted, then the things in-country will get costly too. Many low-income families sometime can’t afford this higher price and have to force their whole family to work even their child

Political condition

The political condition of the country also affects poverty and illiteracy overall. Many states have different political parties. All political parties try to defame the opposition and secure their seat for the future. This results in political parties playing different strategies involving increasing prices of goods overall, stopping schools from giving quality education. Due to the inflation of prices, people become sick and more impoverished. School get pressurised by the stiff political personal to stop providing education leading them giving little to none education to its students.

School mafia

Many private school authorities in small and underdeveloped area are making the education system a way to increase their income. They force hefty fees on their students leaving no choice other than to leave school. This school mafia suppresses some private schools which try to offer free education.

Natural resources

Many countries aren’t rich in natural resources, so they have to import certain item. Importing thing for outside result in the reduction of the economy, eventually resulting in poverty. If a country has more natural resource than they also have more employment opportunities resulting in less poverty and more trained personal.

Generation illiteracy

Many families don’t let their children attend school. As they are a more traditional thinker and see it as a way to waste money. Many people have their own business and tend not to teach their children as they would handle their business in the future. Different particular movements have to be executed to change the mindset of these people to solve this problem, the parents who allow their children to study mostly face problems in writing and search for essay help from some professional individual to guide them.

                Poverty and Illiteracy is big problem can’t be solved in one day, and It needs tough work both by the government and its people to makes itself strong.

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